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Shining Force Chapter 7-8

Musashi | Alef | Torasu | Hanzou | 

He joins if you read the piece of paper posted on the outside of a house with two doors. He just appears in HQ afterward, and this is the closest thing this game has to a secret character.
She's the other deer-faced person in the game, and one of the strongest mages. Even though it's not easy, I find a way to put her into the group, since she's a Bolt mage.
The other halfling of the game. He's also a healer, and is the third character that can have Aura. If you work hard enough, Gong gets level one, and Khris can get up to level four, but he has it to start with.
The ninja of the game joins if you notice the star hanging off a bush at the entrance to the town. Read the note attached, and go to HQ. He's really strong and he's fast too.
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