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Shining Force: The story Behind it
     One thousand years ago, an evil dragon attempted to take over/ destroy Rune. The people of the time, fought furiously, and succeeded in subduing him. Unfortunately, he vowed to return, and they weren't able to completely destroy him. They were only able to cast him into another dimension.
     After some time, the people of Rune forgot the looming theat, well, most people did. Peace reigned, and this allowed a powerful mage to gain control of people in Protectora, and form Runefaust. (Faust means the same as bane, which is the same as antagonist, and enemy. ;P) The mage, called Darksol, used this power to begin the search for the items necessary for Dark Dragon's return, and the story opens with a request for help, to keep Dark Dragon from rising again.
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