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Shining Force Chapter 2-3

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She's the daughter of the King who dies in the first chapter, and one of the best mages in Manarina. She joins after you tell her that her father is dead, but not before she calls you a liar. She's pretty cool, but then again, she's got white hair, and appears young.
He joins after you have been confirmed as the hero of the force. He has lived in Manarina for a while, so has the notable distinction of being the only non-'mage' with spells besides Max and Hanzou. He seems weak at first, but he's worth the trouble of building up.
She is one of two birdpeople in the game. Her husband, the other, is turned into a statue to trap you. They are both useful, but I still don't use them much.
He's the only character turned to stone, but he's not exactly notable in any other way. He and his wife wield swords, and can even wield the Sword of Darkness, but the only person who can swing the Chaos Breaker is Max.
She is the other elven archer, and is much better than Hans, but she still loses out to some of the harder hitters in the later stages of the game, including Zylo.
He's one of the coolest characters in the game. He starts off able to jump on the heads of his opponents, and is really strong. He may be more powerful after promotion, but he fights better before.
He's a mercenary that has a conscience. Rare as that is, it nearly gets him killed. I do wonder how a centaur can cling to a mountainside.
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