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Shining Force Chapter 1

Max | Luke | Ken | Tao | Hans | 
Lowe | Gong | Gort | Mae | Khris |

He's the first character you get, of course, as he's the main. Accordingly, if he dies, that's the end of the fight, and you start at a church, with half your gold. Don't chicken out, as he can be one of the strongest people in the game. Even if you could, I wouldn't drop him from the roster.
He joins shortly after the King gives permission to investigate the Gate. He is a dwarf, an axeman, and generally goodnatured. I tend to keep him long enough to promote, and then wait until I have sixteen or seventeen people, then let him rest.
This slightly nutty centaur is purported as action-loving, but he's okay anyhow. I keep him a bit longer than I keep Luke or Mae, but I like Arthur, Earnest, and Vankar more.
She's the first mage you get, and one of my favorite people to use. I keep her all the way, only changing her out, if I have a lot of umpromoted people to level up. I don't know why, but I always imagine her, Anri, and Alef getting along well.
He is an archer, but not one of the better ones. He tends to miss when I use him, so I drop him fast. As a matter of fact, he's one of the first. Right after Lowe.
He's the first healer of the game, and the one with Detox. That's the only reason he's still in the active force in chapter two. He is worth more than Bleu and Adam to me though.
He's the monk of the game, and one of the cooler people. He fights with his fists, and is a half-giant. Both are unique to this game, and the latter is unique (far as I know) to the series. He's one of the best at batting at bats.
He is the only other dwarf in the game, and the only other axe-user. He's about the same as Luke, and I keep in in the party for about as long. True, the Heat Axes, and the Atlases almost make it worth it to keep them, but by then, I've got folks like Earnest and Zylo.
The only female centaur of the game. She's stronger than Ken (to me), and has a higher defense, but thanks to the booklet's picuture of her griping out Lowe, I can't bring myself to like her. She's dropped shortly after Hans and Ken.
She's one of two elves that have deer-like faces. She is less furry than Alef, and is a healer, but she's the nicer one in my eyes. I like Alef too, but she doesn't show up until the end, so I have a weaker attachment.
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