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Characters in Chapter 8
King Kusuko | Emperor Ramladu | Colossus | Darksol | Dark Dragon | 
King Kusuko
He is the king of Protectora, but Ramladu usurped his power, after Darksol diverted him. He's nice enough, tells you about Ramladu's former nice self.
He was 'seduced' by the power Darsol offered, then consumed by it. When you beat him, as with Kane, he reveals himself to be a humbled man, then fades away, joining a king, a knight, a general, and a hero.
Three brains, one controlling fire, another, ice, and the third, bolt. Oh well. Beat him up, he's blocking the way to the final fight.
Now you fight the freak. He has no legs, no real face, and casts some nasty spells, but isn't that hard to beat. He just has to sacrifice himself to Dark Dragon though. Pooh.
Dark Dragon
EEEEEWWWW!!!! He's a decaying corpse! Three heads, and all of them barfingly ugly. As if that wasn't enough, when you thrash the last head, he decides he's got enough power to come back, again, so you have to embed the Chaos Breaker in his back. OOOH, if Max is the last person to hit the last head (for me, its always the center) he'll stand up straight, with the sword pointed out at shoulder height, then crash it down to the ground. The attack causes an energy wave that's a lot like Musashi's attack. Been taking lessons, eh?
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