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Characters in Chapter 7
King of Prompt | Boken | Kane | Darksol | Chaos | Ghost | 
King of Prompt
He thinks you're a spy to start with, and throws you into a cell. Boken, he's so nice, shows up and sets you free. You return to talk to him again, and hear that people in the Tower are having a hard time against Darksol, but he won't let you go. Visit -oh yeah, he's here- Kane, and he'll be forced to change his mind.
He makes one final appearance, and gets you out of jail. Aren't you spending an awful lot of time in there?
Somehow, he didn't die when he faced Darksol. He's just pretty close. He gets the King of Prompt to let you go to the Tower of the Ancients. Then, he rescues you one more time. If he'd allowed himself to recover, he might have survived. After you return, he gives you one last gift, the Sword of Darkness. Or rather, he'd left it for you.
He killed Kane!!! I couldn't resist. That show seems so stupid, but that line fit. He shows up and tries to blast you into cinders. Kane jumps in and dies for his troubles.
He shows up as a stumbling block to getting the Chaos Breaker. After beating him, though, you have free run.
Ghost Lady
She appears, expresses her regrets at Kane's death, and tells you to make the Chaos Breaker. That is her final appearance.
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