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Characters in Chapter 6
Karen | Karen's Sister | The Strong Boy | Kane | Darksol | Mishaela | 
She is the acting mayor of the town, as there are no adults, she is taking their place. And doing a rather admirable job. She tells you to talk to her sister, in the library.
Karen's sister
She's just as mature as her sister, and she's also more emotional. She begs you to save Bleu, in the dragon village, and has a hellhound for a pet. She really likes books.
Strong boy
Geez, this kid is strong. He moves large stones in front of and out of the way of the gate out of town. He won't do so, until you talk to Karen, her sister, and Karen again, for permission to leave.
He returns! This time, you actually fight him, and beat him. But wouldn't you know?! He doesn't die, but loses the hideous mask. It turns out that he was under Darksol's control via that thing, and by breaking it, you've freed him, earned his friendship, and saved your own life. In a short while, Darksol turns up in the dragon shrine, and Kane shoves you out of the way, taking the blast.
He actually shows up in person to grab the manual. He then decides to take out the two heroes. Just too bad, he only got one.
Had enough of recurring characters? Too bad, she's back, and this time's the last. You fight her in her castle, and get the Sword of Light, then she's dead. Yippee!
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