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Characters in Chapter 5
Shell | King of Waral | Shell's relatives | Priest from Guardiana | The Ghost | 
She leads you to Waral after the ship is damaged. She also seems fairly taken with Max. At the end of the Force's stay in Waral she makes you promise to come back and visit.
The King of Waral
He allows you to dock in his country, and repairs your ship. He jokingly charges one million gold, but teases you no matter what you answer. He also has the distinction of running two shops himself.
Shell's relatives
You only see the females (they're mer-maids!) of her family, and they warn you not to go past the buoys. Unfortunately, to further the story, you have to.
The Priest from Guardiana
He finds you washes up on Ring Reef, after you disobey the mermaids. He also tells you where he's from, and then informs you that the water in Ring Reef, which had been draining constantly, creating bad current problems (that's what got you in trouble) suddenly stopped. The area is now dry land, so you investigate.
Ghost lady
Remember her? She shows up as the place is collapsing, and tries to help you get into Metafa. But the mage you just beat doesn't like the idea, so he throws stones, blocking the way. What could you have done there anyway, you- whoops! Not yet!
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