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Characters in Chapter 4
Pao | Elliot | The Egg Hatcher | Mad Old Man | Coward in Urbantol | Balbazak | Darksol | 
The Queen of Pao
She has a name, but I can't think of it. She's just the person who allows you to leave the village, to get Vankar, and Kokichi, and later the one who tells you that Earnest went after Balbazak.
He's in Pao, waiting for you. He issues a challenge, then leaves. His master is Ramladu, and even though he knows Ramladu is wrong, he is loyal, and will fight to the death for Ramladu's decisions. Pity he has to.
Egg Hatcher
When you reach Pao for the second time, if you got the Domingo egg in Manarina, you can hunt down this guy, and have him hatch it. He freaks out and calls the poor creature a thing, but he's useful in that manner.
Mad old man
This- coot!- is mad because you thrashed those monsters on your way into the fort town of Urbantol. I thought he was worth mentioning for that. Hee.
Coward in Urbantol
He begs you not to kill him, he's hiding in a corner, away from the battle site, and he almost voided his bladder's contents just looking at you. I believe the word is COWARD!!!! Wierdos like that just beg to be humiliated.
He kills Earnest's clan, and terrorizes the town of Urbantol, then fights you, thinking you're a wimp. But you hand his butt to him on a platter, and he begins begging for mercy, until you're forced to give it to him. Darksol takes over from there.
He barely shows up to kill Balbazak, and at this point is sure you won't make it to him, so he lets you live.
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