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Characters in Chapter 2

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The Mayor of Rindo
He won't be of much help at first, as there are no ships left in the harbor but his, and he's not parting with it. He throws you out of town, but later, will give you the ship if you save his grandson. Pity Mishaela interferes.
These guys are a light point in the game. At the beginning of the chapter, they act in a play where the forces of Runefaust trounce the Shining Force, and a guy who looks exactly like Max (I've only seen an unpromoted twin) has to act wimpy for the glory of the one who looks like a centaurian soldier. After you save the grandson, though, the roles are reversed. I had fun standing my Max next to the pretender. I guess I'm just easily entertained.
Mayor's Grandson
This kid is almost literally just a pain in the butt. Mishaela had a circus come to town, and he was kidnapped within it. You save him, and he just runs home, promising to be more careful. And I'm supposed to believe that. SHYEA RIGHT!
She's not done with you yet. Since you didn't heed her warning in Alterone, she decides to take a few potshots at you. She tries killing you with a Marionette, the first boss encounter. Then, she tries again on the ship that the mayor gives you. But she'll be back.
I can't tell if this one is male or female. The students call Otrant a him, but he looks very, uh, feminine? He sends you to the Cavern of Darkness to get the Orb of Light, which is the proof of you leading the Shining Force. That toy has other uses, later in the game.
The ghost lady
She is summoned by the Orb of Light and calls you a true hero, or one without peer. Good grief. I just wish they'd name more of these people. It's hard identifying people by their traits, as no two people are likely to see them the same way.
Bertie, and the mage in the (hidden) library
These two ladies send Max on a merry chase. If you wish to speak with the second, you have to be a cute little animal. Personally I don't think chickens are cute. After Bertie makes you a small rooster, walk around a while. Some people threaten to make chicken noodle soup, while others just shoo you. Arthur says, "What's up chicken?", and Anri says,"I don't have time to speak with you," or something like that. After you find that guard again, he lets you pass this time, and the other mage will turn you back. Of course, that is not the only way to return, its just one of the most fun. Too bad you can't fight like that.
The summoner
This guy's a joke. It's that simple. He says he'll summon a great, fearsome demon, and instead gets his wife, who's not fond of the trick. Or maybe his wife is the demon.
Shade Abbey
This town is dead. It's just too bad they don't know that yet. Darksol had them killed, as their job was to 'Pave the way for the boy that will come,' or Max. This is also where the two birdpeople are introduced.
His first personal appearance. He took the form of the Abbey's priest, and then trapped you in the Chapel. He takes off really quick, but keeps cursing you with his presence at points in the game.
He doesn't actually show up, but he bought all the ships in Rindo, and that creates a predicament. Where did he get the money?
Guntz' master
This guy built the machine that allows Guntz to be in motorized armor. When you first meet them, the thing still has a few bugs to work out though. He calls Guntz an alligator, I think.
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