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Characters in Chapter 1

King of Guardiana | Lord Varios | Friars/Priests | Kane | King of Alterone | Khris' Mother | Mishaela | 
The King of Guardiana
He gives Max his first missions, to investigate the goings-on at the Gate of the Ancients, and to find Anri. He dies very early on in the game, but I have to ask, did he have a name other than 'King?'
He is the first person in the game that you see, other than Simone. He had the strange fortune of striking at Max, but somehow (Simone did it!) Max is knocked out, though the hit wasn't enough. He is one of few people with any kind of faith in Max, but dies before that faith can be proven to be correctly placed. He is killed trying to protect the King.
Friars and Priests
These guys are nice enough, they will promote your characters, and some give advice. The one in Guardiana is another of the few who have faith in Max. There is one thing you can do that turns these guys into meanies. If Max is defeated, they take half your gold, and admonish you for being so careless. There are three of note: the one in the hermitage (where you get Gong and meet Jogurt), the one in Shade Abbey, and the one in Waral.
This guy is one of the meanest characters in the game, topped only by Darksol, Mishaela, and Dark Dragon. He's responsible for the King's and Varios' deaths, and nearly kills Mae. His mask is utterly hideous, and he has the Sword of Darkness. That was the reason that Runefaust attacked.
The King of Alterone
Here's another of those 'Kings.' Why don't they get their own names? He has Max thrown into the dungeon of his castle, as Kane has gotten there first. He's trying to protect his people, but Kane is a bad guy, they never keep their word. After fighting your way back into the castle proper, he asks forgiveness, and helps you reach the next chapter. The mask is on a wall to the southwest part of the screen from his throne room. The first time I played, I couldn't find it. Don't laugh. Please.
Khris' mother
They don't give her a name, but she's obviously worried about Khris, and tells you that if her daughter is hurt helping you, it'll come out of your hide. Yowch.
She shows up as a fortune teller, and says that if you head North, you'll meet your doom. She's gone after you get out of jail, though, hmmm. She's not much of a fortune teller.
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