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Shining Force Chapter 4-6

Jogurt | Kokichi | Vankar | Domingo | 
Guntz | Earnest | Lyle |  Bleu | 

He's the goofiest character I've ever seen. He shows up in the first chapter twice. The first time, he's sitting near the cliff by the Hermit's hut. The second time, if you wander around Alterone, in the castle, walk upward past the stairs leading to the cells, and he'll blitz past you. He has one hit point, and no defense or offense, but if you can get him to kill something, he drops a Jogurt ring. That's good for a laugh.
This old guy first shows up in the third chapter, but flies in to join in the fourth. He is useful for his flight capability, but I like ground-based people better.
He is called lazy by his former employer, and my family thinks he's worthless, but I like him well enough. If given strong weapons, he's good at bashing, and since I usually swarm on opponents anyway, defense doesn't bother me.
This Armadilloid appears in the second chapter with his master, an inventor. The suit on his back is his main method of movement, and that is slow. He's strong, but I don't like him.
Earnest is noted as a memeber of a tribe destroyed by Balbazak. Of course he's out for revenge, but he's incredibly strong. No one else bashes through a wall just because they can.
He is the only centaurian archer in the game, but I don't use him much.
Baby dragon likes to whine. He occasionally blasts enemies with lighting, and after promotion, he whips things with his tail. I don't like the way he whines, so I don't keep him long.
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