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Characters in Chapter 3
Bustoke | Chemist | Boken | Laser Eye | 
The King and Queen of Bustoke
They have no names either! They allow their daughter to travel with the Force. Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?!? Why aren't the kings and queens named!?!
The Chemist
He tells you that Zylo's condition can be reversed, but with something called Lunar Dew. But he has to have a Moonstone to make the Dew, and you have to go into the quarry to get that. After all that trouble, the man doesn't even have the guts to feed it to Zylo himself. That leaves you trying to get the stuff down Zylo's throat without him ripping yours out! Sheesh.
I can't remember if he's first introduced in chapter two or chapter three, but for all that he seems useless, this guy follows you around the continent, and releases you from jails a few times. All this because he's seeking a little adventure in his life. By the end, he's decided to settle in Waral though.
Laser Eye
This is what was dug up in the quarry. While not the easiest of critters to beat, it is quite possible. The worst part is, it's not the 'boss' of the fight. There's a knight to the lower right of the screen, heavily protected, that if he's killed, the fight ends, Laser Eye or no Laser Eye.
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